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Bizzy Flo has an important message for you ….

Bizzy Flo the bee and her friends want to take you on a journey to find out more about ‘Don’t Mow, Let It Grow’, and why this project is so important for the environment around us.

The seven short animations below will help you understand why we all have a role in ensuring Bizzy Flo and friends can do their jobs. You will also learn how YOU can make a difference.

Mr. H Competition!

Mr H is a baby hoverfly and he needs a name, and a bit of colour in his life! Download Mr H and brighten him up with whatever colours you choose, decide on his new name and then click the button below to enter the competition.

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1 : Pollination

2 : Native Wildflowers

3 : The Story of our Wildflowers and Pollinators

4 : The Biodiversity Corridor

5 : Native Non-Native Wildflowers

6 : What can you do to help?

Mr H Competition

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Want to start again? Download a blank Mr. H template here.