Meet Bizzy Flo!

meet bizzy flo who lives in causeway coast and glens

Bizzy Flo Has An Important Message For You...

Bizzy Flo the whitetailed bee and her friends want to take you on a journey to find out more about ‘Don’t Mow, Let It Grow’, and why this project is so important for the environment around us.

Below you will find 7 buttons. Click each button starting from the top to play a video. The seven short animations below will help you understand why we all have a role in ensuring Bizzy Flo and friends can do their jobs. You will also learn how YOU can make a difference.

Colour in with Bizzy Flo!

Flo and friends need your help!
You can help clicking the big buttons to download the colouring sheets and going crazy with your pencils, crayon or felt tips!

Teachers Can Get Involved Too...

Here you can find some narratives and notes for teachers and parents.

Narrative for Teachers and Parents
Notes for Teachers and Parents

The Secrets Behind Bizzy Flo...

Discover The Secrets...
so dont mow let it grow

Mr H Competition Winners!

Congratulations to all of our winners, you all did very well!

bizzy flo competition winner for colouring

Best Name - Winner

bizzy flo competition runner-up for colouring

Best Name - Runner-up

bizzy flo competition winner for name

Best Colouring - Winner

bizzy flo competition runner-up for name

Best Colouring - Runner-up