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It will look at different ways of managing semi natural grasslands to show how small changes in management give big benefits to biodiversity and ecosystem services. A major outcome will be the production of a practical management toolkit, covering all aspects of this project that any organisation can use to show the benefits and implement similar improved operations in their management.
The project will identify trial verges and amenity grassland sites in order to:
  • - highlight and develop a range of management options
  • - assess biodiversity, ecosystem services and cost benefits of this alternative management
  • - train land managers and volunteers in management options, grassland selection, species identification, Invasive Alien Species and monitoring
  • - promote the benefits to wider public

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2 days ago

Don't Mow, Let It Grow

How much more beautiful our roadside verges are, when adorned with native wildflowers. These verges seen yesterday were all alive with insect life.Some provide nectar & pollen for adult insects, butterflies, moths, hoverflies & bees. Others provide the food necessary for the survival of caterpillars of the species. To ensure survival of species, it is so important to grow native plants & flowers. That's why #Dontmow supports appropriate mowing of existing verges & grasslands as opposed to planting non native species in verges & grasslands. Let's celebrate our native wildflowers, allow them to grow & watch our wildlife thrive as a result. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our roadside verges & areas of natural grasslands provide homes & food for many species of invertebrates, bird,&,small mammals. These examples were all seen over the weekend, mostly #ontheverge Bird's foot trefoil was one of the most visited flowers by so many of the species.Fortunately this flower exists in many verges & gardens. However, excessive mowing prevents it flowering & therefore it is not as beneficial as it could be.#Dontmow
Species included here are 6 spot Burnet moth, Common blue butterfly, Gold spangle moth, Green veined white butterfly, Small tortoiseshell butterfly,Ringlet butterfly, Goldfinch & Linnets, Narrow bordered 5 spot Burnet moths,Meadow brown butterfly,Crab sider, Grasshopper,Sawfly, Eggar moth caterpillar,Ichneumon wasp & wasp.
Without our native wildflowers, none of these species can exist. That is why we are passionate about them at #Dontmow
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