It will look at different ways of managing semi natural grasslands to show how small changes in management give big benefits to biodiversity and ecosystem services. A major outcome will be the production of a practical management toolkit, covering all aspects of this project that any organisation can use to show the benefits and implement similar improved operations in their management.
The project will identify trial verges and amenity grassland sites in order to:
  • - highlight and develop a range of management options
  • - assess biodiversity, ecosystem services and cost benefits of this alternative management
  • - train land managers and volunteers in management options, grassland selection, species identification, Invasive Alien Species and monitoring
  • - promote the benefits to wider public

Spotted recently

Discovered in Garvagh

Wild Flowers

Spotted while walking the dog


If you need a reason not to mow the Dandelions, check out all these bees,seen today,& yes,they were all feeding on Dandelions. The 1st is Early bumblebee. The others are solitary bees, there are 77 solitary bee species in Ireland & 20 bumblebee species. Included in the photos are Andrena sp & Ashy mining bee. Some solitary bees mine into clay/sand banks. The Bumblebee queens are emerging now from hibernation & are very hungry. Dandelions & other early flowering species are crucial to the survival of our bees. #Don't Mow! ... See MoreSee Less

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Wood anemones are in full bloom now. Woodland flowers primarily,but can be seen in meadows & along roadside verges.They are an important early flowering species for pollinators, & today I saw lots of hover-flies, solitary bees,& bumblebees feeding on the flowers. ... See MoreSee Less

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